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' The buying and selling experience with Mr. Watkins was nothing short of professional. He more than exceeded our expectations. For my family and i we ... more '
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' If you want to be kept informed during the process of buying a house and/or property Michael Watkins is the person you should hire. All questions and ... more '
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M. Watkins Real Estate Group, LLC.

As a Fulltime Professional REALTORS, I have accumulated years of experience dealing with all types of transactions and with a wide variety of property types, from Residential and Luxury homes, to Commercial, Farms and Ranch properties. Each tranaction is unique. Each client deserves and receives my attention to detail and my focus on the client's goals. I simply try to do my best and enjoy providing my clients the best in Real Estate Services.  Michael Watkins, Broker/Owner

Our Company, M. Watkins Real Estate Group, LLC., was formed around the idea of Professional Fulltime REALTORS doing their best in providing Real Estate Services.

We provide Knowledgeable and Thoughtful Insight about the many uses of a property and how we can best assist you in achieving your goals with a potential property. By developing a detailed strategy of the buying and selling process unique to the specific transaction, We help our clients clearly understand the negotiation advantages of each step of the buying and selling process and how a Planned Negotiating approach is more successful. The "Why", it is beneficial to have us as the REALTOR on your side.

Our years of experience working to solve the most complex transaction issues has given us an edge onthe competition. Being able to plan, predict, protect and inform clients of potential pitfalls insures a more successful transaction outcome and makes our clients very Savvy Buyers and Sellers. Having well informed clients is our First Priority in taking care of your Real Estate Services.

In serving a large Real Estate Market, We have a unique perspective on the value of property and the Marketability of different properties in many different subdivisions and cities, including rural and urbans areas. Competence in Real Estate Market is a core ethical requirement of having a Real Estate license in the State of Texas. Studying the issues that impact an area or potentially impact an area is key to developing an up to date Knowledge database of Information and Resources.

We are members of the following Associations: Williamson County Board of REALTORS, Temple Belton Board of REALTORS, Bryan College Station Board of REALTORS, Austin Board of REALTORS, Texas Association of REALTORS, and the National Association of REALTORS.

We are proud of Establishing, Building and Maintaining Life-Long relationships with each of our clients. Thank you for considering us the next time you are looking for a REALTOR to provide you with Professional Real Estate Services.